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Technical data
EOS4 and EOS2 WTF and WTHF versions IP 69K watertight enclosure, with or without heating system

Watertight enclosures allow light curtains and light grids to be used in a harsh working environments with exposure to water and steam.

Thanks to its inert (non-toxic) components, no residuals are left when the light curtains are washed down or when they come directly in contact with food. This makes WTF and WTHF enclosures suitable for the Food & Beverage industry.

The watertight enclosure is made of:

  • PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) transparent enclosure
  • POM-C (acetal resin DELRIN®) sealing caps
  • Anti-condensation system trough integrated GORE valve
  • POM-C and Stainless steel fastening brackets (AISI 316L)

The small EOS WTF and WTHF cylindrical enclosure (only 56mm diameter) is IP 69K protection rate tested and can withstand up to 80bar of water jets pressure at the temperature of 80°C.

Enclosure incorporates a valve to drain humidity and avoid condensation.

WTHF version (Heated) has a thermostatically-controlled heating system and can work down to 25° C.

  • See EOS4 X technical data in the dedicate section
  • See EOS2 X technical data in the dedicate section
  • Protection rating: IP 69K
  • Max. water pressure jets: 80 ... 100 bar at 80° C (± 5° C)
  • Electrical connections: 10-metre cable pre-wired with cable gland
  • WTH heated power consumption - 24 VDC - 20 W x Protected height (m)
  • Fastening mode: 2 x M6 staniless steel screws (not included)
  • See EOS4 X compliance in the dedicate section
  • See EOS2 X compliance in the dedicate section

Ecolab-test procedure

  • Material resistance test according to cleaning procedures for food and beverage industry
  • Dipping test - Complete immersion in solution/liquid, Test Period: 28 days
  • Rinsing with water 40 50°C - Rinsing with low pressure. Rinsing from top to bottom in the direction of the drains
  • Foaming from bottom to top - Alkaline: P3-topax 66 - Acid: P3-topax 56
  • Disinfection - P3-topactive DES 1-3% 10-30 min
  • Harsh working environments with exposure to water and steam
  • Washing systems
  • Food and beverage industry applications

Lista modelli - WTF/WTHF

Available models

Model Resolution Beams Protected area Max. range Safety level Code