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SAFETY Photocells


Type 2 single-beam safety photocells

The compact size of the photocells makes it possible to fit the protection system into very small spaces, while the possibility to use more photocells  provides the maximum flexibility in positioning the protective beams.

The photocells must be connected to control unit for esample: standard AU SX or AU SXM control unit with Muting or Mosaic to form a protection system that can be composed of 1, 2, 3 or 4 single beam photocells.

In case of connection with Mosaic safety controller, the number of photocells depends to the configuration of the protection system. (for details on the interface see AU SX, AU SXM and Mosaic control units).



Type 2 safety photocell with M18 cylindrical metal body


Type 2 safety photocell with metal body