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aser Scanner Sicurezza Pharo
Controllo di area

Area control


Example of an horizontally mounted protective field permanently monitored by Pharo. In this way a larger area can be monitored through the detection of the lower limbs of the body.

Controllo di accesso

Access control


If the controlled plane is installed in a vertical position, even very large accesses can be protected. Hands, arms or the whole body can be detected, depending on the chosen resolution.

Note: the contour detection is mandatory for the vertical mount / accesscontrol applications.


Protezione veicoli guida automatica Protection of Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)


The vast size of the controlled area allows the AGV to travel at higher speeds with respect to bumper protection.
The warning area permits speed reduction in the presence of obstacles.

The data measured by the sensor can be sent to the vehicle on the serial interface and used as navigation aid..


Dimensional measurement


The sensor is first of all a measurement device. Therefore, the measurement data of the surrounding environment, which are always available during operation, can also be used for object profile, position and dimensions measurement in industrial automation..